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My name is Keli Starr. I am co-owner with my oldest son, Corey Allen, of TAKEaSTAND LLC; a plant based juice and smoothie bar located in Joplin, Missouri. Our name definitely says it all! We will always TAKEaSTAND in providing the best quality products and service to our guest. As we affirm with those who visit our establishment that eating healthy is deliciously possible.

TAKEaSTAND LLC was conceptualized on a winters day in 2016; when Corey tried my blueberry smoothie for the first time. Corey’s response: “Not only do I feel guilty for not paying you for this, but mother these are too good to keep to yourself! We need to sell these!

The previous summer of 2015 was a tumultuous one to say the least! It was a time laden with ill health and melancholic perspectives; a season in itself that would forever change my life.  In fact, I never could have fathomed that what I endured was so necessary! 

My illness received no definitive explanation, only mere assumptions from various doctors as to why: my hair was falling out; and the frequent painful eruptions of boils and unbearable rashes. I ultimately knew that if I wanted answers to my dis-ease, I had to stoically stand in my truth; a powerful truth that would magically unfold as the foundation for TAKEaSTAND LLC!

My truth revealed was this: plant based food sources have the powerful potential to establish proper balance and restoration of my body. Finally! Through this process I began to find balance within.

I soon would realize that it was almost impossible to find an establishment that provided completely and properly prepared plant based items. Even more challenging was trying to find smoothies or any other beverages that were not compromised with artificial or subpar ingredients. 

This brings me back to that blue berry smoothie that started it all! A home grown inspiration straight out of my kitchen!

February 2017, TAKEaSTAND LLC was finally introduced to our community!


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